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Just released: La piraterie au fil de l’histoire: Un défi pour l’État (in French)

Josselin Droff December 15, 2014 Tags: , , , Publications No comments
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“La piraterie au fil de l’histoire : Un défi pour l’État”
(Presses de l’Université Paris Sorbonne, 480 pp)

Since the 1990s, maritime piracy re-emerged in statistics, as an immemorial and timeless phenomenon. This collective book, edited by Michèle Battesti (IRSEM), provides an overview of the main past and current trends in maritime piracy. It questions piracy from antiquity to the present, to understand the successes and failures of pirates practices, factors favoring their emergence and the reality of the threats they pose to the freedom of the seas. Authors also discuss the means taken by States to fight pirates to eradicate or contain them to an acceptable level.

Renaud Bellais and Josselin Droff wrote a chapter in this book: “La lutte contre la piraterie comme bien public international : une analyse économique” (pp 233-249).

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