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Tag Defense Industry

Conference – Defense industry – Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne, December 16th 2015

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International aspects of defense economics have been rarely analyzed. In France, if the concept of strategic autonomy remains central in the defense policy, the budgetary constraint, conflicts, threats around the world and the industrial competition require an investigation of international aspects of defense policy.

This conference focuses on these aspects by discussing both the origins of arms transfers and the industrial consequences of the supply chain internationalization. Invited experts will provide their experience in their respective field.

For more information and registration, please click here.

Kick-off meeting of AEGES’ State-Industry relationship section

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AEGES, the recently-created French ‎association of defence studies, is proud to announce the creation of its section “relations Etat-Industrie.” AEGES aims at gathering all researchers working on defence issues in France and ‎to welcome foreign contributors.

This new section will focus on political, strategical, economical, historical… dimensions that characterise relations between States and the defence industry in a multi-disciplinary approach. Indeed these topics remain under-explored in France.

The section aims at fostering research projects, providing a forum for debates as well as joint projects and launching seminars.

A kickoff meeting is scheduled on November 3rd at the University Paris 2 Assas at 6.00pm (Room 08, 92 rue d’Assas, Paris).

For more information, please have a look to the dedicated page (in French): http://www.guerre-strategie.com/#!relations-etat-industrie/csae

Relations between the United States of America and Italy in the post-Cold War period: a defense-industrial perspective

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Relations between the United States of America and Italy in the post-Cold War period: a defense-industrial perspective
Cahiers de la Méditerranée, n° 88 (juin 2014), p. 157-181
Alessandro Marrone and Alessandro R. Ungaro

This article analyzes U.S.-Italian relations after 1989 from a defence-industrial perspective. It argues that the concentration and internationalization of the Italian defence industry, particularly through the creation of Finmeccanica, influenced bilateral relations by introducing a new element into defence industrial cooperation between the two countries.

Military procurement programs involving American and Italian governments and industries, based on several memorandums of understanding, have become an important component of transatlantic relations. In turn, these programs are influenced by the broader military and political relations between the United States and Italy, which have been particularly intense regarding Italy’s contribution to U.S.-led crisis management operations in Europe, Central Asia and the greater Mediterranean.

The paper argues that there is a two-way relationship between defence industrial cooperation and politico-military cooperation.