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CALL FOR PAPER 6th International Conference on Gender Studies “Gender, Conflict, War and Peace”.

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Eastern Mediterranean University, Center for Women’s Studies, 6th International Conference on Gender Studies, Gender, Conflict, War and Peace

The 6th International Conference on Gender Studies will be held in Famagusta, North Cyprus on March 23-24 -25, 2017 by the Center for Women’s Studies of the Eastern Mediterranean University. The conference aims at bringing together scholars, researchers, performers and activists from various disciplines such as economics, sociology, psychology, politics, law, communications, education and art to present their works and exchange ideas under the general theme of “Gender, Conflict, War and Peace”. This conference will explore the relationship between gender, conflict, violence, war, peace and discuss the relationship of policy, practice and research from multi-dimensional perspectives.

Therefore, our conference aims to call attention to the way conflicts and wars escalate the cycle of gender based violence, reproduction and reinforcement of existing hierarchies during wars and explore gendered human equality in war and peacebuilding, gender rules and roles in war, gender perspective during conflicts and post-conflict contexts, gendered implications of displacement and peace, and last but not least, the role of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts in peacemaking and peacebuilding.The conference will be held over three days at the Eastern Mediterranean University Conference and Culture Center and will explore the following themes:

  • Gender relations, conflict, violence, war and peacebuilding
  • Gender rules and roles in war and peacebuilding
  • Stereotyped gender identities in war and peacebuilding
  • Domestic violence in war and peacebuilding
  • Gender based violence and  prosecution
  • Wartime rape and the reproduction and reinforcement of existing hierarchies
  • Truth commissions
  • UNSC Resolution 1325 and peacebuilding
  • Women’s narratives in war and peacebuilding
  • Empowerment of women for peacebuilding
  • National and international laws and peacebuilding
  • Gender discrimination, migration and refugees
  • Migrant smuggling and human trafficking
  • Geography of war and peace
  • Education and peacebuilding
  • Contemporary issues in feminism
  • New perspective in gender studies

Due to the international nature of the conference only abstracts written in English will be accepted for review. However presenters can choose to present their papers in English or Turkish.

Submissions are subject to blind peer review at every stage.  Papers without gender perspective will be rejected.
Abstracts and papers will be accessible to all participants on the conference website once the complete program is set.

Please send your abstracts (not more than 300 words) through e-mail; gwp17@emu.edu.tr


Reminder: Twentieth ICES, Ankara, Turkey on 15th-17th June 2016

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The Twentieth International Annual Conference on Economics and Security will be held at TED University, Ankara, Turkey on 15th-17th June 2016.
As usual, the conference aims to provide an opportunity for economists, political scientists and others from around the world to share ideas and discuss the future developments in the following areas:

• Regional security
• Economics of security
• Corruption and military spending
• Globalisation and the restructuring of the MIC
• Militarism and development
• Security sector reform
• Economics of conflict and war
• Post-conflict reconstruction
• Economics of the arms trade
• Procurement and offsets
• Arms races and alliances
• Peace economics and peace science
• Conversion and demilitarisation
• Economics of terrorism

Offers of papers on related topics are also welcome.
Abstracts (150-250 words) with a tentative title submitted before 1st April 2016 will be considered for the conference.

Further information on the organization of the conference are posted on the conference website at: http://ices2016.tedu.edu.tr/en/ices2016/
Please remember that for any further information about the conference, you can contact the organizers at the following address: ices2016@tedu.edu.tr

Conference Organizers:
Julide Yildirim, Department of Economics,TED University, Ankara
Tekin Köse, Department of Economics,TED University, Ankara
Prof. J Paul Dunne, Economics, University of Cape Town

Conference – Defense industry – Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne, December 16th 2015

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International aspects of defense economics have been rarely analyzed. In France, if the concept of strategic autonomy remains central in the defense policy, the budgetary constraint, conflicts, threats around the world and the industrial competition require an investigation of international aspects of defense policy.

This conference focuses on these aspects by discussing both the origins of arms transfers and the industrial consequences of the supply chain internationalization. Invited experts will provide their experience in their respective field.

For more information and registration, please click here.

Call for papers – Twentieth Annual Conference on Economics and Security (16-17 June 2016)

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Hosted by TED University in Ankara (Turkey), the twentieth annual international conference on economics and security will take place in Ankara. It aims to provide an opportunity for economists, political scientists and others from around the world to share ideas and discuss future developments on defence and security topics.

The conference will have plenary sessions with keynote speakers and specialist workshop streams. Further information on the conference will posted on the conference website at: http://ices2016.tedu.edu.tr/en/ices2016/

If you are interested in organizing a session at the 2016 Conference, please send a proposal with a title, brief summary, list of titles and proposed speakers. If you would like to present a paper please send a title and an abstract of less than 300 words as soon as possible. Both should be sent before 1st April 2016 to: ices2016@tedu.edu.tr

International conference “Borders, Walls and Violence: Costs and Alternatives to Border Fencing” – Call for papers

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As every other year, the Raoul Dandurand Chair at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) will organize its leading conference on border security in May 2016. Paper proposals are welcome until October 5th, 2015. This conference promotes a multidisciplinary approach and it gathers academics as well practitioners and NGOs.

This conference seeks to understand border walls as a global trend. As a growing number of walls are being built along international borders and as migrants and inhabitants of those borderlands are experimenting more and more violence, we seek to understand the local perspectives and views on border fences and replace it in a multiscalar perspectives in order to see if there are viable alternatives to fences and security approaches.

Participants are encouraged to critically examine the role of border walls in security discourses and in the framing of the local political and sociological landscape to consider some of the following themes:

  1. Impacts of border walls
  2. Legal aspects of border walls
  3. Costs and economies of border walls
  4. Violence of border walls
  5. Alternatives to border walls

For more details and submitting a proposal, please click here

International Conference Research & Regulation 2015 (Paris), Atelier E « Political Economy of Appropriation and Conflict »

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The International Conference Research & Regulation  Paris, June 9-12 2015 is hosted by the LADYSS and INALCO.

Atelier E « Political Economy of Appropriation and Conflict »

Organisation : Mehrdad Vahabi (LED, université Paris-8).

2 E-1: 11/06 (11:00 > 12:30) EN/FR.

Présidence: Mehrdad Vahabi (LED, université Paris-8).
> Vahabi Mehrdad – The Political Economy of Predation, Manhunting and the Economics of Escape
> Champeyrache Clotilde – Destructive entrepreneurship: the costs of the mafia for the legal economy
> Lado Hervé – La prédation comme exploitation de rentes de domination
> Massoni Sébastien, Mildenberger Carl, Pietri Antoine – Comparing contest success functions: evidence from virtual worlds

19th ICES, a truly global conference

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As the call fo papers is now closed, it is very likely that the 19th International Conference on Economics and Security (ICES) will be a tremendous event, once again.
In this year’s edition the organization committee accepted 56 papers, covering several topics in defense and security economics : terrorism, arms industry, conflicts, military spending or arms exports among others. A huge scope of topics for the first edition in France.
As experienced through previous editions, ICES takes place in Europe but it welcomes researchers and practicioners from all around the world. The 19th ICES will benefit from contributions from 20 countries with speakers coming from many European countries but also from Africa, North America, South America and Asia.
Do not hesitate to come and join us to participate to innovative and stimulating debates in the field of defence studies. Registration is open and we hope to welcome you in Grenoble soon!