Antoine Pietri

Ph D Student Université Paris 1, Panthéon Sorbonne (France)
Photo of Antoine Pietri


I am currently working on my PhD thesis under the supervision of Mehrdad Vahabi (Université Paris 8) and Claude Ménard (Université Paris 1). My field of investigation focuses on rent-seeking and warfare, notably on the role of coercive rivalry and price competition in protection market as evolved in empire-building and the process of state-building.

To do my research, I use Game Theory tools including contest theory in order to picture the behaviors of ‘agents’ involved in involuntary transactions. Furthermore, in my research methodology, I particularly draw upon historical stylized facts and empirical field studies to formulate my theoretical questions.

Teaching: Microeconomics, Theory of Organization, Statistics.

Keywords: armed conflicts, coercive rivalry, contest theory, rent-seeking, protection market, peace research.