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JUST PUBLISHED – Emerging Strategies in Defense Acquisitions and Military Procurement

Josselin Droff August 29, 2016 Tags: , , , News No comments
Military and defense organizations are a vital component to any nation, but defense procurement has been controversial for years. It has been characterized by several reforms or attempts to reform in order to reduce acquisition costs and increase the introduction of innovative capacities.
Kevin Burgess and Peter Antill (Cranfield University, UK) edited a just-released book, “Emerging Strategies in Defense Acquisitions and Military Procurement” reviewed today’s challenges and possible solutions to improve defense procurement.
Part of IGI’s Advances in Public Policy and Administration series, contributors analyzes the present state of defense organizations, examines reforms and solutions necessary to overcome current limitations of defense procurement. This book highlights methodologies and theoretical foundations that promote more effective practices in defense acquisition.
1. Defence Acquisition: A Practice in Need of Better Theorizing – Kevin Burgess
2 Competition in Defence Practice: Theory and Reality – Trevor Taylor
3 Defence Acquisition Reform and the British Condition: Promises, Betrayal, and Resignation – John Louth
4 Sectoral Polyarchy: How the Inherent Complexity and Risk of Defence Sector Acquisition Devours Innovation and Choice – Dan Bishop
5 Acquisition and Its Theoretical Foundations: A Phenomenon at the Crossroads of Phenomena – Sophie Lefeez
6 Building a Conceptual Framework for Defense Acquisition Management Based on Service Dominant Logic Theory – Andreas H. Glas and Michael Essig
7 Collaborative Defence Procurement: How to Make It Work – Baudouin Heuninckx
8 Critical Raw Materials and UK Defence Acquisition: The Case of Rare Earth Elements – Julieanna Powell-Turner and Peter D. Antill
9 Defence Acquisition: A New Beast or a Dinosaur? – Derrick J Neal
10 Defence Procurement, Innovation, and Value for Money – Robert Charles Wylie
11 Defense Acquisition, Public Administration, and Pragmatism – Keith F. Snider
12 Innovation, Technology, and Defence Procurement: Reform or Paradigmatic Shift? – Renaud Bellais and Josselin Droff
13 Institutional Entrepreneurship in Defence Acquisition: What Don’t We Understand? – Derek McAvoy
14 Professionalism in Defence Acquisition: The Importance of Knowledge and the Concept of the Intelligent Customer – David M Moore
15 The Rationale for Offsets in Defence Acquisition from a Theoretical Perspective – Kogila Balakrishnan
16 Thinking Makes It So: The Foundations of a Theory of Business Ethics in Acquisition – Paul Newall
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About Josselin Droff

My Ph.D dissertation discussed spatial issues in defense economics, with a special focus on the industrial organization of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of defense platforms.I still work on the organization of defense production with concepts and tools of spatial and regional economic theory. More particularly, I am currently working on the application of spatial economic concepts to the organization of European defense. I'm also involved in a project financed by the French Defense Procurement Agency (Direction Générale pour l'Armement - DGA). The project deals with innovation issues in defense equipment. In another work in progress, I study the regional impact of French defense reforms since the beginning of the 2000s.

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