Agenda of the 11th Defence and Security Economics Workshop, Toronto, November 3-4, 2016

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The 11th DSEW will take place on November 3-4, 2016 at the Carleton University in Toronto. The agenda of this event is now available:

03 November

  • John McCormack (UK Defence Academy), “Liminality and Operational Efficiency in the Defence Sector”
  • Julieanna Powell-Turner (UK Defence Academy), “Sustainability and Defence”
  • Stuart Young (UK Defence Academy), “The UK’s Strategic Defence and Security Review – Industrial and Economic Implications”
  • Peter Weltman (Parliamentary Budget Office), “Fiscal sustainability of Canada’s National Defence Program: A financial baseline for the Defence Policy Review”
  • Rod Story (Parliamentary Budget Office), “Canada’s Surface Combatant: Trade Space and Budget Sufficiency”
  • Laura Armey (Naval Postgraduate School) and Jonathan Lipow (Naval Postgraduate School), “Send Me! Selection to Deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan”
  • Jomana Amara (Naval Postgraduate School), “Does service matter? Costs of healthcare for OEF/OIF Veterans with TBI”
  • Natalia Utrero (Spanish Defence University Centre), “Defence Spending, Institutional Environment and Economic Growth: The case of Military Alliances”


04 November

  • Christoph Zuercher (University of Ottawa), “What Do We (Not) Know about Development Aid and Violence? A Systematic Review”
  • Eli Berman (University of California San Diego), “Community Monitors vs. Leakage: Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan”
  • Jacob Shapiro (Princeton University), “TBA”
  • Youssouf Kiendrebeogo (World Bank), “Who Supports Violent Extremism in Developing Countries?
  • Analysis of Attitudes Based on Value Surveys”
  • Karl Skogstad (Lakehead University), “Committed to the Cause: NATO Integration after the Cold War”
  • Oana Tocoian (Claremont McKenna College), “Who Gets the Guns? How Conflicts and Politics Drive International Arms Transfers”
  • Eric Weese (Yale University), “Rational Learning in Insurgencies: The Case of Afghanistan


If you expect to attend or for further information, please contact Prof. Ugurhan Berkok:

The 11th DSEW is sponsored by the Centre for Operational Research and Analysis (Defence Research and Development Canada), the Norman Paterson School for International Affairs (Carleton University), the John Deutsch Institute (Department of Economics at Queen’s University), the Royal Military College of Canada, and the Institute for Defence Resources Management at RMCC.

Call to participants – CESPIC Summer School “War, reconstruction and establishment of peace from the roots of war to the establishment of a lasting Peace”

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Scheduled on September, 19-23, 2016, the Summer School “War, reconstruction and establishment of peace from the roots of war to the establishment of a lasting Peace” aims to provide a group of international graduate students with scientific pillars about roots of war, peace and issues in peacebuilding.

In line with Peace Science tradition, the interdisciplinary program involves disciplines such as economics, political science, international relations and history. The Summer school is designed for graduate students with a strong interest in the scientific study of Peace that are either willing to proceed to advanced graduate studies or to become future practitioners in the field of international relations and peacebuilding.

In order to favor a fruitful and open dialogue with the faculty, there will be a limited number of participants. Since a first-come first-served criterion will be also considered for selection please apply early, as space in the program is limited.

Attending faculty

Tobias Böhmelt, University of Essex (International Mediation and Third-Party Intervention)

Vincenzo Bove, University of Warwick (Peacekeeping)

Raul Caruso, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Introduction to Peace Economics)

Han Dorussen, University of Essex (Institution and Peace Building)

Scott Gates, PRIO (Inter-Ethnic and Inter-Religious Conflicts)

Arzu Kibris, Sabanci University (Political Violence in Post-Cold War Era)

Christos Kollias, Thessaly University (Military Expenditures and Economic Development)

Mansoob Murshed, ISS and Birmingham University (Issues in Post-Conflict Reconstruction)

Roberto Ricciuti, University of Verona (State Capacity and Conflict)

Classes will be held on 19-23 September at the Catholic University Our Lady of Good Counsel in Tirana, Albania. The Summer School is organized within the activities of CESPIC (Centro Europeo di Scienza della Pace, Integrazione e Cooperazione).

Accommodation: accommodation solutions can be provided within the campus which is located in downtown Tirana.

Fee: 500 euros. A small number of grants can be provided.

For further information:

To apply, please contact: and send a detailed curriculum vitae and other relevant information about you. References are not required but they are welcome. Submit your application by September 1st.

CEIM, OSINTPOL and GRIP launch their joint “Peace and Armaments” Student Award

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The Centre d’études sur l’intégration et la mondialisation (CEIM, Montreal), the Fonds de dotation Open Source Intelligence on Politics (OSINTPOL, Paris) and the Groupe de recherche et d’information sur la paix et la sécurité (GRIP, Brussels) have just launched their joint “Peace and Armament” Award.

The “Peace and Armaments” Award is inspired by the seminal works of the late professor Yves Bélanger (University of Quebec in Montreal) and Jean-Paul Hébert (EHESS, Paris) in the field of defence economics, notably concerning the armaments industry.

It aims at selecting the best original analysis paper in French. The first prize is a €2,500 scholarship, which aims at encouraging the continuation of independent studies. Sponsoring organizations will eventually publish the selected paper.

The “Peace and Armaments” Award targets the armaments-related research field in terms of strategic, legal, ethical, technological, industrial, political and economic dimensions as well as the design, use and trade of conventional weapons and security systems.

The deadline to submit a paper for the 2016 edition is October 31st, 2016.

For more information, please send an email to or look at:

JUST RELEASED (in French): “L’armée française en Afghanistan” by Christophe Lafaye (CNRS éditions, Ministère de la Défense)

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Il s’agit d’un essai sur le déploiement du Génie français en Afghanistan entre 2001 et 2012, qui marque un tournant dans l’histoire de l’armée française car il signe le retour aux techniques de contre-guérilla.

Ce travail en histoire immédiate s’appuie notamment sur un recueil de témoignages réalisé auprès d’une centaine de militaires français du Génie de retour d’Afghanistan entre 2010 et 2013, du 2ème classe au chef d’état-major des armées. C’est la première étude critique de l’engagement de l’armée française et du Génie dans ce conflit. Il aborde sans concessions tous les aspects de cet engagement, y compris les plus difficiles (rupture politico-militaire de 2011, errances de la contre-insurrection, tirs fratricides etc.).

Il bénéficie d’une préface du général Jean-Louis Georgelin, ancien chef d’état-major des armées entre 2006 et 2010.

Christophe Lafaye tiendra plusieurs conférences à l’occasion de la parution de son ouvrage :

–          le vendredi 20 mai à 18h à la librairie Passerelle (Dole)

–          le jeudi 26 mai à 18h au Forum (Besançon)

–          le jeudi 16 juin au Service historique de la Défense (Vincennes)

Call for papers – ‎‎11th Defence & Security Economics Workshop (Ottawa)

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Carleton University, the Royal Military College of Canada and Queen’s‎ University organize the 11th Defence & Security Economics Workshop on November 3rd and 4th, 2016. This workshop will take place at Carleton University, Ottawa (Canada).

The Organizing committee is composed of:

Ugurhan G. Berkok (RMCC and Queen’s University)

Dane Rowlands (Carleton University)

Karl Skogstad (Lakehead University)

Binyam Solomon (DRDC and Carleton University)

Contributions are most welcomed‎. If you want to propose a paper or attend this workshop, please contact:

Ugurhan G. Berkok (RMCC / Queen’s University)

and Karl Skogstad (Lakehead University)


2016 Defense Economics Award of the French Ministry of Defense

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The French Ministry of Defense opens the call for proposals for its 2016 Defense Economics Award. This latter aims at recognizing a PhD dissertation, an original scientific analysis or a Master thesis dedicated to this field.

With an amount of € 5,000, the prize is awarded by a jury composed of academics and representatives of the Ministry. The assessment criteria of manuscripts are quality, originality and relevance to the field of defense economics.

Applicants must have displayed, published or supported their thesis, scientific work or Master thesis between 1 January 2015 and 30 June 2016. If the manuscript is not written in French or in English, a translation into one of these languages could be required once the application received.

The application file must include a curriculum vitae, two copies of the submitted paper (as well as an electronic version), a two-page abstract of this paper, a recommendation letter from the supervisor and a proof of diploma.

Applications should be sent before 15 July 2016 to the following address within the prescribed schedule:

Ministère de la défense – SGA/DAF/QEFI
Observatoire économique de la défense
60 boulevard du Général Martial Valin – CS 21 623
75509 Paris cedex 15, France

The electronic version of the manuscript will be sent, on the same schedule, at the addresses below: and

For more information, please click here.

Reminder: Twentieth ICES, Ankara, Turkey on 15th-17th June 2016

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The Twentieth International Annual Conference on Economics and Security will be held at TED University, Ankara, Turkey on 15th-17th June 2016.
As usual, the conference aims to provide an opportunity for economists, political scientists and others from around the world to share ideas and discuss the future developments in the following areas:

• Regional security
• Economics of security
• Corruption and military spending
• Globalisation and the restructuring of the MIC
• Militarism and development
• Security sector reform
• Economics of conflict and war
• Post-conflict reconstruction
• Economics of the arms trade
• Procurement and offsets
• Arms races and alliances
• Peace economics and peace science
• Conversion and demilitarisation
• Economics of terrorism

Offers of papers on related topics are also welcome.
Abstracts (150-250 words) with a tentative title submitted before 1st April 2016 will be considered for the conference.

Further information on the organization of the conference are posted on the conference website at:
Please remember that for any further information about the conference, you can contact the organizers at the following address:

Conference Organizers:
Julide Yildirim, Department of Economics,TED University, Ankara
Tekin Köse, Department of Economics,TED University, Ankara
Prof. J Paul Dunne, Economics, University of Cape Town

The GESC Chair in international relations, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, opens its 2016 cycles of lectures

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The GESC Chair in international relations (“Grands enjeux stratégiques contemporains”), University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, will open its 2016 cycle of weekly lectures on 18 January 2016.

This Chair takes part of a multidisciplinary teaching and research project developed around the University’s Institute of Studies on War and Peace. Headed by Louis Gautier, Associate Professor at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, this Chair is dedicated to major contemporary strategic issues.

Please find below the list of the 2016 lectures, which will end with a ‎conference on April 11th. Registration is compulsory. These lectures are in French or English, with a simultaneous translation in‎ French.


18 January, Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister of Defense: ‎Major strategic stakes in 2016

25 January, Hubert Védrine, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs: Contemporary crises neorealism

1st February, Shahram Chubin, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Middle East, an evolving strategic landscape

8 February, Ayesha Siddiqa, international expert, Islamabad: Can Pakistan afford to “loose the Middle East”?

15 February, Pierre Vermeren, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne: From Beyrouth to Damas, forty years of war in the Middle East, what logics?

22 February, Ali Kazancigil, Middle East technical University (Ankara):‎ Turkish diplomacy in the Middle East, grounds for a failure

29 February, Yann Richard, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne: ‎The European Union in the Middle East, a weak  actor in a complicated neighborhood

7 March‎, Salman Zaidi, international expert, Islamabad: Radicalization, the Pakistani answers

14 March, Emile Hokayem, International Institute for Strategic Studies (Bahrein): ‎The Iraqi-Syrian situation, main security stake in the region

21 March, Jeffrey Lewis, Middle Institute of international Studies (Monterey): The use of open sources to study nuclear proliferation

4 April, Ram Jakhu, Université Mac Gill (Montréal): Legal standards and war in space

11 April, closing conference “The new strategic spaces”


For further information, please check on the GESC Chair’s website:

Josselin Droff wins the 2015 Defence Economics Award

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On December 16th, the French Ministry of Defence announced that Josselin Droff received the Ministry’s Defence Economics Award 2015 (“Prix Economie de la Défense”). Congratulations, Josselin!
This Defence Economics Award is attributed to outstanding academic works characterized by their quality, originality and relevance to defense economics. Josselin Droff was awarded for his PhD dissertation. This latter, entitled The spatial factor in defense economics: application to the organization of defense equipment in-service support, was defended on November 2013.
The French MoD’s Defence Economics Award aims at supporting the advancement of economics in all fields related to defense issues. It constitutes a strong incentive to develop such research and to help the Ministry and all stakeholders better understand defense stakes in an economic perspective.


Conference – Defense industry – Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne, December 16th 2015

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International aspects of defense economics have been rarely analyzed. In France, if the concept of strategic autonomy remains central in the defense policy, the budgetary constraint, conflicts, threats around the world and the industrial competition require an investigation of international aspects of defense policy.

This conference focuses on these aspects by discussing both the origins of arms transfers and the industrial consequences of the supply chain internationalization. Invited experts will provide their experience in their respective field.

For more information and registration, please click here.