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Call for submissions to a special issue of Defence and Peace Economics “Military and Veterans Health, Health Care, and Wellbeing”

Josselin Droff September 19, 2016 Tags: , , News No comments
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Defense and Peace Economics recognizes the diversity of research in the field and seeks to present a multi-faceted and international perspective.  As such, submissions from diverse disciplines: economics, sociology, health service research, policy, and clinical investigation are encouraged.

Submitted papers should be original research on any topic pertaining to health issues for Military and Veterans. Papers should emphasize policy and can cover topics such as: mental health, financing and costs of services or insurance, effect of manpower policy on injury, effect of injuries and mental health on employment, access to treatment before and after service, women’s health issues, physical requirements and base lining for entry and exit from service, health care policies and programs, health case studies focusing on a cohort, health outcomes for families…

All submitted papers will be initially screened and a decision made about those manuscripts that will be selected for peer review. Authors will be required to adhere to a strict schedule for submission and revision of papers. Papers that miss the deadlines will be rejected.

Submitted papers should be between 7,000 and 10,000 words. For more details about submission requirements, please consult instructions for manuscript preparation on Defence and Peace Economics’ website:

Please submit all papers as a Word document to Dr. Jomana Amara ( by November 30, 2016. If you have a manuscript ready to submit, please do so as early as possible. The anticipated publication date is 2017.

About Josselin Droff

My Ph.D dissertation discussed spatial issues in defense economics, with a special focus on the industrial organization of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of defense platforms.I still work on the organization of defense production with concepts and tools of spatial and regional economic theory. More particularly, I am currently working on the application of spatial economic concepts to the organization of European defense. I'm also involved in a project financed by the French Defense Procurement Agency (Direction Générale pour l'Armement - DGA). The project deals with innovation issues in defense equipment. In another work in progress, I study the regional impact of French defense reforms since the beginning of the 2000s.

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