2011 _International conference_

2011 International conference

International conference
“Defense and Its realms”

April 2011


The international conference “Defense and Its realms” held in April 2011 at ENSTA Bretagne in Brest. This multidisciplinary conference gathered experts in economics and social sciences from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Belgium and Italy.

The purpose of this conference was to identify the consequences of on-going transformations on the “realms of defense”, which are both its local footprints and the transformations of defense as a social construct. The conference particularly aimed at reconsidering the interactions between defense and its stakeholders. It was an opportunity for researchers to share ideas and discuss the future developments in different fields of research.

Research fields

  • Procurement policies and public finance
  • Public-private partnerships and the emergence of services-based solutions
  • Evolution of the public/private, defense/security boundaries
  • Economic and social impacts of military transformation and innovation
  • Military recruitment and military bases
  • Economic and social impacts of defense activities on local economies
  • Spatial structuring of defense needs
  • Geographic patterns of defense needs
  • Geopolitical issues on defense

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