About us

About us

Defense and its realms

ENSTA Bretagne is an engineering school linked to the French Ministry of Defense. Leveraging on its roots, even though it has enlarged its scope to cover all engineering competences, ENSTA Bretagne has set up a small but dynamic team in economics and social sciences dedicated to defense issues.

The research project « Defense and its realms » started with the international conference « Defense and its realms » that took place at ENSTA Bretagne in Brest, France, in April 2011.

Our “Economics and Defense” team manages research projects and develops a network of academic cooperation in France, in Europe and with many international partners. It belongs to the social sciences research unit, benefitting from many interactions with researchers in management, sociology, political science…

This website aims at developing and reinforcing the scientific network initiated through the 2011 conference and the following events and cooperative projects.

Renaud Bellais and Josselin Droff

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